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About products

Our mission is to help our customers to lead a happier and healthier life through running and fitness, and to help you make the best product choices to achieve your fitness goals.

This is the first sports store of its kind we might add, providing purely technical sports gear for sports people. We’ve been trendsetters for a long time now. In fact, today we still keep some of those early styles on display for a little inspiration.

Today we are Runningsnkr.com, with the widest, yet most carefully curated product range and millions of loyal customers. Our passion for what we do is what makes us different, and yet our core values remain the same – to provide the best expert advice, the widest range of the latest performance products from world leading and specialist brands, and award winning customer service.

We live running and fitness and with over 30 years of expertise we work hard to deliver industry leading expert advice and support to help you make the best product choices. From the only free online gait analysis, to our shoe and jacket finders, live chat expert advice as well as our Running, Trail and Training advice hubs, we’re on hand now to help you find your perfect product.

With over 100 run, gym and hike products online, we have the right product for you – and it’s our role to help you find it. We are proud to share the most comprehensive, most detailed product knowledge in the industry with you - and from video guides to live expert advice, we’re here to help you to make the most informed choices possible.

We never stop working tirelessly to make our customer experience better and better and whatever your fitness goal, we are here to help every step of the way.